Free Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS gives you the ability to redirect your domain name to anywhere at any time.  Why wait 3 days for your ISP to update their DNS records when you can do it yourself, in seconds.  Get your free name now and it will be working within 5 minutes!  If you choose this name from the list below and it exists then you can use it for free. If this name does not show up in the list below then most likely you are seeing this because a Dynamic DNS user has this name pointed to our servers. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Today is 1/21/2013.


Dynamic DNS can help you in the following situations:

  • You run your own web server at home or work.
  • You run your own mail server.
  • You play games on the internet.
  • You want to setup your webcam and allow others to find it.
  • Basically if you are on the internet you need Dynamic DNS.
  • and many more reasons. . .